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The Genius Test

Can't figure out what the actual answer is? Maybe you've come up with something better we should have considered. Give us your suggestions below and check out what some of the other more inventive if not genius people have come up with!

**This is not the place to give or check the answer... idiots.

a s in t s n

204 liked, 82 disliked A shit in toliet smells nasty
103 liked, 42 disliked As Seen in the shopping network
68 liked, 45 disliked asian students in town said nothing
66 liked, 56 disliked All sheep in town sit nicely
60 liked, 37 disliked a squirrel in tree said no
46 liked, 34 disliked A star in the southern night
46 liked, 39 disliked a silence in town says nothing
44 liked, 31 disliked a silence in the snowy night
41 liked, 35 disliked a shepard in the silent night
38 liked, 43 disliked A sock in the soggy nads.
36 liked, 51 disliked a saint in time sins none
33 liked, 34 disliked All ships in town sailed nicely