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The Genius Test

Can't figure out what the actual answer is? Maybe you've come up with something better we should have considered. Give us your suggestions below and check out what some of the other more inventive if not genius people have come up with!

**This is not the place to give or check the answer... idiots.

a g t m c to an e

123 liked, 46 disliked a gay turkey may cluck to an elephant
105 liked, 60 disliked A game to men came to an end
89 liked, 33 disliked a giraffe took my cheese to an elephant
79 liked, 37 disliked All great tunes modulate carefully to an E
75 liked, 39 disliked a giggly termite took my camera to an advnture
73 liked, 35 disliked Always give the most candy to an epileptic
67 liked, 42 disliked all giant trolls must come to an end
62 liked, 39 disliked a good time means cash to an elephant
61 liked, 51 disliked a girl took me camping to an epidermis
52 liked, 42 disliked alvin's great tiger might come to an event
51 liked, 58 disliked A gigantic turtle mother came to an end