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The Genius Test

Can't figure out what the actual answer is? Maybe you've come up with something better we should have considered. Give us your suggestions below and check out what some of the other more inventive if not genius people have come up with!

**This is not the place to give or check the answer... idiots.

a s l than w

345 liked, 89 disliked ass size larger than whales
228 liked, 106 disliked age sex location than what
133 liked, 78 disliked A spring longer than winter
131 liked, 75 disliked ass size, length then width
99 liked, 45 disliked a shade less than white
92 liked, 58 disliked Ashley screamed louder than whales
89 liked, 68 disliked always sit longer than walking
88 liked, 53 disliked apples stink less than worms
85 liked, 72 disliked A sheep's longer than wide
81 liked, 115 disliked Always suck longer than wet
79 liked, 81 disliked ass size larger than whale's
73 liked, 74 disliked alwyas sit longer than walking
73 liked, 72 disliked Altos shriek louder than whisperers