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The Genius Test

Can't figure out what the actual answer is? Maybe you've come up with something better we should have considered. Give us your suggestions below and check out what some of the other more inventive if not genius people have come up with!

**This is not the place to give or check the answer... idiots.

d t c for d m

816 liked, 184 disliked Don't take credit for dumb mistakes
370 liked, 146 disliked Damn the court for damning me
350 liked, 118 disliked Deal that crack for dinner money
224 liked, 89 disliked dont try cats for dusting mantelpieces
209 liked, 123 disliked don't take crap for dumb men
208 liked, 119 disliked don't take credit for dumb mistkakes
195 liked, 51 disliked doing time compensates for disfunctional marriages
190 liked, 54 disliked don't tip cows for drug money
168 liked, 84 disliked don't trade cats for dumb men
153 liked, 70 disliked don't trade cash for dead men
147 liked, 77 disliked don't touch cheetahs for dem mean
133 liked, 64 disliked Dont Take Coke For Disfunctional Memory
130 liked, 51 disliked don't take crack for dillon's mom
129 liked, 42 disliked dont train cats for destroying mines
127 liked, 58 disliked don't take change for dirty money
124 liked, 57 disliked do tickets count for dollar money?
118 liked, 47 disliked do the cat for doing me
116 liked, 59 disliked Don't Take credit for dead men
115 liked, 42 disliked Don't trade coke for dirty mushrooms
114 liked, 84 disliked don't take care for dumb midgets
111 liked, 46 disliked dont take credit for dumb mistaskes
106 liked, 47 disliked Dogs take credit for damaged masters.
99 liked, 59 disliked Don't take CDs for duplication means
99 liked, 52 disliked don't take checks for dead monkeys
98 liked, 42 disliked divulge truth cautiously for divided mediocrity
54 liked, 50 disliked dont take credit for doing much
54 liked, 56 disliked do things change for dumb men
52 liked, 51 disliked Don't take change for dollar money
51 liked, 66 disliked dig the cake for dan's mum
51 liked, 64 disliked down the coast for dog money
51 liked, 53 disliked dont trade cars for dirty monkeys
51 liked, 60 disliked dont take cash for dirrty monkeys
51 liked, 57 disliked don't train cats for dieing monkeys
51 liked, 73 disliked do the crab for dieing men.
51 liked, 63 disliked dont take checks for dumb money
50 liked, 69 disliked dance to chris for dirty money
50 liked, 56 disliked do take care for dumb mistakes
50 liked, 66 disliked dont take credit for dumb mistakes
49 liked, 67 disliked do take caution for discipline master