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The Genius Test

Can't figure out what the actual answer is? Maybe you've come up with something better we should have considered. Give us your suggestions below and check out what some of the other more inventive if not genius people have come up with!

**This is not the place to give or check the answer... idiots.

d l a g h in the m

91 liked, 34 disliked don't leave a good husband in the mood
76 liked, 37 disliked Don't let anything get hard in the morning
57 liked, 33 disliked don't laugh at graham, he's in the marines
54 liked, 43 disliked don't leave a girl's hand in the microwave
48 liked, 39 disliked dont laugh at gay hobbits in the morning
48 liked, 29 disliked don't let anybody get high in the morning
44 liked, 40 disliked don't lay a good hanky in the mud
40 liked, 35 disliked don't laugh at girls hiding in the monastery
32 liked, 37 disliked don't leave a good hand in the middle
31 liked, 42 disliked don't laugh at george harrison in the morning
30 liked, 38 disliked damp legs and groin herd in the mold
28 liked, 36 disliked Don't leave a girls hand in the marriage
23 liked, 43 disliked don't let a goat hear in the morning