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The Genius Test

Can't figure out what the actual answer is? Maybe you've come up with something better we should have considered. Give us your suggestions below and check out what some of the other more inventive if not genius people have come up with!

**This is not the place to give or check the answer... idiots.

the e b c the w

150 liked, 100 disliked the emo bum cut the wrist
113 liked, 46 disliked the erect boy cut the worm
75 liked, 40 disliked The evil bitch cut the wire
60 liked, 43 disliked the emotional bitch clinched the watermelon
55 liked, 46 disliked the elegant bear chased the witch
52 liked, 32 disliked The Evil Bastard Chastised The World
49 liked, 36 disliked the enormous bodybuilder curled the weight
46 liked, 19 disliked the enormous bagel crushed the whale
41 liked, 33 disliked the enlightened boy caught the wart
39 liked, 33 disliked the egotitical bitch caught the wanker
38 liked, 26 disliked the embryo biter chomped the womb
38 liked, 23 disliked the enormous bride carried the warthog
38 liked, 31 disliked The egregrious bully consumed the wishbone
36 liked, 19 disliked the eager beaver chewed the wood.
34 liked, 20 disliked the enormous boy caught the world
34 liked, 28 disliked The Enormous boy chased the woman
32 liked, 34 disliked the estatic boy chased the wolf
32 liked, 27 disliked the elastic bug caught the worm
30 liked, 36 disliked the elephant boy cut the wire
30 liked, 27 disliked the educaed baboon calculated the work
27 liked, 36 disliked the elephant bear chased the witch
27 liked, 27 disliked The extra baggage carries the weight